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November 18 2019



Don Karl Juravin (JURAVIN RESEARCH) conducted a world’s thorough study of the drug deaths comparing 230 countries . Deaths From Drugs rate per 1,000,000 aged 15-64 | lower is better | 2018 report Comparing USA Vs. Europe’s top countries (Germany, France, Italy) Vs. Israel WINNER: Israel Latest statistics drugs
  • Israel’s deaths from drugs are 4.28 times better than the world average
  • Israel’s deaths from drugs are 20.66 times better than the USA
  • Israel’s deaths from drugs are 1.01 times better than Euro-top
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November 16 2019



Humans are addicted to sugar. They crave it everyday. Sugar activates a rewarding spot in our brain. The brain uses 25% of the body’s daily energy, more than any other organ and glucose is its source of fuel.
Don Juravin concluded that the FDA is not looking out for the health of Americans. They are deceiving the public by allowing companies to publish the ingredient sugar under different names Don Karl Juravin news
The FDA does not explain the danger of sugar clearly enough to the public. Juravin exposed the food manufacturers tricks: 50% of our daily sugar consumption is from ingredients that are not clearly marked as having sugar.
Why There Are 56 Names For Sugar? Sugar deceitful names
Juravin research  found out that Food manufacturers are getting us addicted to sugar by using different sugar names to confuse us on the food label. 75% of all foods hide sugar under deceitful names. Why?
To trick us when we read the food label:

The ingredients on a food label must be listed according to their weight. The food manufacturer wants to avoid listing a sugary ingredient at the top 3 of 5. Therefore they will break it into many sugary ingredients to still maintain the high sugar content and list them at the end.
Instead of adding pure sugar, Food manufacturers add few of the 56 sugar like ingredients. That achieves their deceiving goal: not having to list “added sugar” in the “carbohydrates” section. The result: we’re tricked into believing that the rest of the ingredients are natural.
All of these names are SUGAR in disguise – 56 of them:
Barley malt
Barbados sugar
Beet sugar
Brown sugar
Buttered syrup
Cane juice
Cane sugar
Corn syrup
Corn syrup solids
Confectioner’s sugar
Carob syrup
Castor sugar
Date sugar
Dehydrated cane juice
Demerara sugar
Diastatic malt
Ethyl maltol
Free flowing brown sugars
Fruit juice
Fruit juice concentrate
Glucose solids
Golden sugar
Golden syrup
Granulated sugar
Grape sugar
High fructose corn syrup
Icing sugar
Invert sugar
Malt syrup
Maple syrup
Powdered sugar
Raw sugar
Refiner’s syrup
Rice syrup
Turbinado sugar
Yellow sugar

November 11 2019


Why Web Design & Development Is Important For You

At TheWebDesignerGroup, You Will Learn About Why Web Design and Web Development Is Important For You. web site designedIf you want to Enhance Your web Knowledge go ahead to TheWebDesignerGroup UK

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October 21 2019


September 16 2019


September 09 2019


Consider Hiring a Website Designer

Looking for a web designer is most certainly easy, when you jot down certain points and know the factors to consider before hiring one. The success of your website, directly or indirectly depends upon the competence of the website designer you have hired.
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London Web Design

London Web Design
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May 12 2019


ingilizce kursu

We are language school in Istanbul
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ingilizce kursu

We are language school in Istanbul
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September 28 2018

Fracap Boots

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Kilgour Savile Row Suit

Kilgour London Savile Row Tailors. Bespoke and made to measure savilerow suits. Mens suits, jackets, blazers, shirts, ties, trousers, knitwear & accessories.
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Dior Trainers

Dior Homme B22 diorhomme Technical Knit Calfskin mens trainers sneakers in blue and white. Indulge in a pair of mens Dior Homme B22 designer sneakers at LuxJunky.
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Valentino Trainers
valentino UK mens trainers sneakers sliders Rockrunners and Rockstuds at LuxJunky UK. Shop mens Valentino trainers sliders t shirts Rockrunners Rockstuds and sale
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Kenzo Jumpers

Womens kenzo UK clothing footwear and accessories at Choice. Shop Kenzo UK womens jumpers t shirts sweatshirts Kenzo Paris shoes bags trainers sale outlet and more
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June 03 2018


A guide to turn an invention idea into a business

We all get confused between Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks and don't actually know what they precisely mean. Though there are some similarities amongst these protections techniques, they all serve a different purpose.
A Patent for an invention is the inventors right to his creation. It usually lasts for 20 years and
has 3 types.
Them being -
i) Utility Patent
ii) Design Patent
iii) Plant Patent
If you patent one of your patent ideas, you are granted the sole right to make, use and offer your invention for sale to anybody which nobody else can do! You need to register patents from Patent and Trademark office of your country.
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Intelligence alone, it appears, will not win the day for an inventor bursting with great ideas. Yale University cognitive psychologist Robert Sternberg believes the winning streak involves the existence of “successful intelligence.” Ashonors graduate of Harvard Law School, Tama J. Kieves, said, “Transformation of any kind always exacts a holy tussle. The newborn butterfly struggles to open its wings so it can conjure up the strength to fly. So too with artists, inventors, mystics, and entrepreneurs.” The transformation that is anticipated through an invention will only come about if action is taken to convert the idea into a product that will sell. For instance, regular people believe Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. In reality, two English chemists Humphrey Davy and Joseph Swan developed a working light bulb long before Edison. What Edison did was to take a great working idea and turn it into a highly saleable product – the first commercially viable and long-lasting electric bulb. And he did not stop at that. He is credited with constructing the world’s first workable power station. However, unlike during the time of Edison, building businesses from invention ideas is extremely challenging in contemporary times. Apart from unimaginable kinds of information in unbelievable quantities freely available on the Internet, there is also effortless global access to alternative products and complicated loads of government regulations that hamper a product’s commercial viability.
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What it takes for an invention idea to achieve commercial success

1940s Hollywood darling Hedy Lamarr was best known for starring alongside James Stewart and Judy Garland in films such as Come Live with Me (1941) and Ziegfeld Girl (1941). But more recently, the light has been cast on her work as a brilliant inventor, which had been overshadowed by scandals and the glitz and glamor of celebrity life at the height of her career as an actress. During World War II, Lamarr’s desire to help the military come up with a secure communication system led to the invention of a radio guidance system using frequency-hopping technology, making American radio-guided weapons more resilient to detection and jamming. At the time, many doubted Lamarr’s legitimacy as an inventor, even accusing her of stealing the idea from her husband, munitions manufacturer Fritz Mandl.
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Reaching Beyond the Frontiers with Technology

Technology is not only changing the way we live, it is also changing the way we die. With medical science progressing in giant strides, a lot of sicknesses that led to death with aging in the world, have been stopped in their tracks. People today are living longer than any other generation before. As wealth management expert Charles Hamowy, said, “The good news is people are living longer, and the bad news is people are living longer.” Even as things stand today, Millennials are on the road to becoming the oldest and even the most important generation ever. Chances are great that they will not fade as other generations have done, but will be around as seniors, influencing several younger generations. As frontiers in technology are crossed with invention ideas, and ailments and aging are seen as problems to be solved, a new generation of inventions are brought forth. The natural wear and tear of the human body, irreparable for the most part, is becoming repairable. Billionaires are pouring money into research to help break barriers in hitherto unsolvable medical issues.
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